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  • sliced wood (Se non riesci a tradurre, lascia invariato: tranciati

The passion for sliced wood

Da.Ma. Legno di Figino Serenza specializes in the production of various types of sliced wood. With extensive and established experience in the wood industry, the company searches for and selects the best logs to then slice them, carefully following all processing phases. They treat various types of wood, in particular North American and exotic woods such as tanganika, walnut, oak, rosewood, and so on.

  • Da.Ma. Wood veneers

The fascination of the color and veins of veneers

Da.Ma. Wood is very attentive to market needs in order to best satisfy customers, while maintaining a highly competitive quality/price ratio. Careful selection allows us to guarantee continuity of product characteristics (color, grain, and size) even for large quantity orders, while also satisfying those customers who are always in search of extreme quality. Additionally, to ensure respect for the environment and nature, Da.Ma. Wood is FSC certified.

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