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  • sagome scolpite in legno Ebanisteria Marelli

Carving and sculpting with mastery.

Wooden carved silhouettes, a sector in which Ebanisteria Marelli is a market leader in Europe, are characterized by the raw material - wood - which is effectively carved and removed in a precise and uniform manner thanks to unique machinery, in order to create ornamental patterns with much more defined details than those achievable through other processes such as hot moulding. More than three hundred and fifty decorative designs and patterns, in various sizes and lengths, are available thanks to the company's extensive warehouse capacity in Cantù.

  • Ebanisterie Marelli (left unchanged)

Una passione di nicchia (non tradotto)

Since 1968, Ebanisteria Marelli has been establishing itself as one of the leading international manufacturers of solid wood carved profiles. The company is equipped with special carving machines and advanced technology, which allows for a wide range of styles and ensures a high-quality product for the woodworking industry. The company exports its products to over forty countries worldwide, not only in Europe but also in Russia, the United States, Arab countries, and Japan. Furniture and kitchen component manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers of wood products, carpentry shops, interior designers, and designers are served with a wide range of items and timely delivery.

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